No Sloth Left Behind

The kids have been in school for a week and already Grace is grumbling about her new humanities class.

Apparently “humanities” means something completely different from when I was in school.  No, it doesn’t mean studying the fine arts and culture around us–just in case there was any confusion on that point.

They’ve been assigned to read The Life of Pi.  I’m not sure why they’re reading a novel in a humanities class (when I took humanities it was a lot of music and sculpture and painting and whatnot) and I have no idea why they’re reading that particular novel, which seems to have about as much to do with humanities as my big toe but as if that weren’t enough of a puzzler their first class activity was to cut out and design numbers. Big numbers. As in “pi.” Each person took a different digit and they made their number big and pretty and then put them together to make pi. Probably because that activity is too stupid and irrelevant to be part of any math curriculum past . . . oh, I don’t know . . . 1st grade????

Makes sense to me.

And then as a follow up to that humanities-related activity they decided to study sloths.  Help me out with this as I’ve not read the book but apparently in the book there is a sloth so the teacher told them to get their sloth moves on and to  . . . walk. . . very . . . slowly . . . like . . . a . . . sloth . . . and  . . .  get . . . down . . . the . . . school . . . stairs . . . in . . . no . . . less . . . than . . . twenty . . . minutes.

For heaven’s sake she’s got the SAT in two months! And they’re playing sloth [here’s me smacking my hand to my forehead].

Why did I decide not to homeschool you ask? Probably because things were going so well up until she hit high school and even then it’s hit and miss as to whether you get a gem of a teacher [standing up and applauding Mr. Wright, Mrs. DePalatis and Mr. Kemper with every ounce of my strength] or a dud like Captain Sloth Lover here.  Grace knew what she was getting into though, this class was the only one she could fit into her schedule and the teacher is the sister of one of her past English teachers. The one who allowed a student to make a throne out of hockey sticks as his project on the Renaissance.

Sigh.  Where is the Spanish Inquisition when you need it?

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