Midwood Martial Arts and Family Fitness Center: A Great Brooklyn Spot for Kids’ Classes

As much as we enjoy covering all of the brand-new kid spots that open in NYC every day, we also love telling you about long-time neighborhood gems. Little local businesses like Queens' Sunnyside Arts Cooperative and Elliott's Gymnastics on the Upper West Side are very popular in their communities, and offer great classes and activities for families.

Today, I'm writing about one of my family's favorite local spots: the Midwood Martial Arts and Family Fitness Center. The center has been serving our community since 2006 and, despite its name, offers a lot more than karate. I first came across Midwood Martial Arts when I was looking for a playgroup for my then 15-month-old. (She's now about to turn four!) Opened by husband and wife team Alfred DiGrazia and Alison Morea (both black belts), the center offers a variety of athletic classes for all ages. And since there's nothing like Midwood Martial Arts in the immediate area, families come from many nearby neighborhoods like Flatbush, Ditmas Park and Kensington to play, tumble, kick and meditate.

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