Someone Sent Me This Link . . .

After reading my post yesterday on the frustrations of flaky teachers my sister sent me this link along with an explanation: Williamsburg Academy is an online, accredited high school that offers video classes and mentoring for a fee.

Now as I said yesterday, I’m not ready to throw the towl in on our neighborhood high school (yet).  If you are careful as to which teachers you request you can have a good experience–but there are times, such as this semester, when getting a dud is unavoidable.  Grace loves the humanities but instead of learning about arts and letters she’s cutting numbers and walking like a sloth.  According to my sister, Carinne, Williamsburg is great for those who are homeschooling and want the benefits of a classroom setting but what I’m thinking is that it would also be a great tool for supplementing in situations such as Grace is facing.

At this point Grace is close enough to her entrance exams and final semester that it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for us but for Spencer or David I may very well use it.  It’s not cheap–live classes where you can interact with other students and with the teacher are $200 and recorded classes $100 but they study real things and don’t get mired in touchy-feely, off-beat activities. If you have a child that is self-motivated and you’ve got the computer/internet capabilities then it might be a good option.

Anyway, Carinne says her friends who have used the site have all had good things to say about it so right there it’s got a better track record than many of our local schools and bears looking into.

corn maze

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