My Thumbing Is Greening As We Speak

I’m getting SO ready for spring. Usually the pattern is as follows: I hate the thought of spring cleaning, then I despise the idea, then I wonder if maybe I can just ignore it this year (who but me will care anyway?) then one day I wake up and it’s sunny and beautiful and 50 degrees and it hits me. I go for the bucket and rags and I’m off on a germ-killing spree. Room by room for about ten days until I have one beautifully clean house.

I just wish I could take each of you on a personal tour of my dust-free corners. I’d point out the previously filthy yet now pristine shelves in the kids’ rooms, I’d beg you to inspect my light fixtures and under my dust-free bed. I’d even offer you to join me for lunch in my gloriously clean kitchen.

Yes I’m aware that I’m not normal but I get my kicks where I can.

Anyway, Saturday after cleaning a room I went out and raked the yard, washed my windows and cleaned out the flower beds in the front (there’s still too much snow in the back to tackle yet) and it thoroughly put me into the gardening mood.

I’m thinking of trying something new this year: raised vegetable gardens.  In Anchorage it can be advantageous to have your vegetables in raised beds so that the soil warms faster and you can plant earlier than if it’s in the flush garden beds.  I’m considering making some beds now that the kids are older and need less grass in the back yard–I’ll keep you posted.

But here are two great links I’ve seen recently that I think I’ll also try. Above you see the indoor water gardens Martha made and then there is this amazingly clever idea for making terrariums–recycling old light fixtures.  Genius.

And if plants aren’t your thing I offer you an Easter treat: roasted peeps.  I’m not a peep fan but I’m seriously thinking of buying up a crate of the bunnies and saving them for summer camping. I can only imagine how great the smores made with these guys would taste.

corn maze

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