A Plethora of Good News

Can you tell I’m happy? Last week was filled with check ups and doctor visits, mostly routine stuff for the kids, except that I finally got back to the surgeon after so many months of knee exercises.

If you recall, when I saw him last summer after my knee injury he’d sent me to the physical therapist, preparatory to surgery on my ACL and meniscus.  I was rather depressed about the whole thing and since then when I haven’t been whining about the prospect of being chopped up in major surgery I’ve been on the stationary bike or doing lunges to try and avoid what seemed to be the inevitable conclusion to my sad, mid-life story.

Meanwhile Andrew began skiing again, taking Spencer and David and Grace instead of me and I was quite bitter about it all but last week I went back to the doctor to see how things had come along and if I were finally ready for surgery.  I was not-so-secretly hoping he’d say it was a miracle and that I was cured.

Which is exactly what he said.  He twisted and poked and pressed and came to the conclusion that my joint and ligaments were fine and that I was free to ski whenever I chose.


Of course Grace will be the disappointed one because she’s been using my skis while I’ve been out of commission. Now I want them back, thank you very much.

It was a fine conclusion to a medically-charged week.  In honor, I knitted a brand-new ski hat as you see here which David promptly coveted and asked me to duplicate for him–but without the girly colors and “weird stripe things” around it.

We’ve also been sewing doll clothes for Lillian’s new doll, Marian, which she got for Christmas, and I’ve been trying to get up the interest in ever cooking again after all that holiday baking and gorging.  I’m sure I’ll make a real dinner again. Maybe.

In other happy news, thank you to Inc. Magazine for the interview and article they did about working from home that featured Scribbit.  Andrew’s comment was (and said with a bit of amazement), “But I actually read Inc.” (as opposed to other places I’ve been mentioned that he doesn’t read?? I’m flattered).  And also thank you to Apartment Therapy for the post on my blueberry soup recipe. That’s a great recipe–perfect for when you’ve got a day of skiing.


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